Trust me, I’m a copywriter!

Great campaigns require great content. Sometimes lots of it, other times a mere sprinkling of the right stuff. Sometimes a scholarly and authoritative style provides the necessary credibility; but play that card at the wrong table and “… yawny yawny I wonder what’s happening on Twitter?”

When you invite me to write on behalf of your brand you’ll get someone who can quickly understand your industry, your place in it, and the tone you want to get across. Or, perhaps you think your brand’s voice has become a bit muddled, what with all this social media stuff going on – then you’ll get someone who can provide new ideas to help you refresh and re-engage with your audience.

You’ll get someone who knows how to tailor content for different social media platforms, and how to write and structure web pages to improve search rankings. You’ll get someone who knows how the marriage of words and design works best for print.

And you’ll also get someone who’ll stop referring to himself in the third person, because that can be pretty annoying.

“Content is king” – Bill Gates, Microsoft

“Manners maketh the man, but words maketh the media”
– Dominic Collard, me